Welcome to the new PulsarAstronomy.net site.

In addition to a new site design, the structure of the site is also new and improved. We retain the popular "pulsar preprints", mailing lists, and project specific pages. In the next few months we will be rolling out a number of additional sections; firstly how-to posts which give information on how to do specific pulsar related tasks such as installing software, and doing specific steps of pulsar data analysis.

Pulsarastronomy.net is also a great place to announce your conference or job advertisement. In addition to posting to the "everyone" mailing list, send us a message and your announcement can be posted to the front page.

Pulsar preprints for 24-09-2017

Pulsar preprints for 21-09-2017

"The radio and X-ray mode-switching pulsar PSR B0943+10."
Sandro Mereghetti & Michela Rigoselli.
"Radiation from rapidly rotating oblate neutron stars."
Joonas Nättilä & Pauli Pihajoki.
"Gamma-ray Observatory INTEGRAL reloaded."
Edward P.J. van den Heuvel.

Pulsar preprints for 20-09-2017

Pulsar preprints for 19-09-2017

Pulsar preprints for 17-09-2017

Pulsar preprints for 14-09-2017

Pulsar preprints for 13-09-2017

Pulsar preprints for 12-09-2017

Pulsar preprints for 11-09-2017


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