DSPSR moving CVS -> Git


On Friday 13 April, DSPSR development will no longer be managed using
CVS and the code repository will be moved to Git.

If you have read-only access to the DSPSR repository (i.e. you are not
a developer), then you can simply delete the old dspsr/ directory and
clone the new. Instructions for Git access will be posted at

SimPulse 1.06 Now Avaliable

The latest version of SimPulse, a web based tool for creating fake pulsar time-series, is now available.

Tempo2 2011.8.1 Released

Now available for download from Sourceforge, or from the CVS repository.

Version 2011.8.1 implements many small features and fixes.

How To: Compile and install tempo2

Today we are looking at how to install the pulsar timing package tempo2. This guide is based on tempo2-2011.7.

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