With the development of new instrumentation and software, we have now reached a point where radical changes in our understanding occur on timescales of a few months or so. The field has now reached a stage where progress requires, and will benefit from, collaborations and exchange of knowledge and ideas with researchers from across the electromagnetic spectrum and potentially gravitational waves as well. The quest to answer the fundamental questions of FRBs’ enigmatic nature, progenitors, environments, spatial distribution and their potential for use as cosmological probes is gaining enormous momentum. With increasing numbers of discoveries and corresponding host galaxy identifications, it is important to build collaborations and plan goals for the future of FRB astronomy. FRB 2022 at the IAU General Assembly will greatly aid in the confluence of astronomers with expertise in areas like cosmology, Galactic dynamics, interstellar and intergalactic medium, high-energy phenomena and stellar physics, which will be very useful for strategising and planning the next decade of FRB astronomy.