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Pulsar preprints for 06-11-2012

Pulsar preprints for 05-11-2012

Pulsar preprints for 04-11-2012

Pulsar preprints for 01-11-2012

"Searches for continuous gravitational waves with the LIGO and Virgo detector."
Keith Riles for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration & Virgo Collaboration.
"Dynamical Capture Binary Neutron Star Mergers."
William E. East & Frans Pretorius.

Pulsar preprints for 31-10-2012

Pulsar preprints for 30-10-2012

Pulsar preprints for 29-10-2012

"Fermi-LAT Detection of Gamma-ray Pulsars above 10 GeV."
Pablo M. Saz Parkinson & LAT Collaboration.
"Fermi-LAT searches for gamma-ray pulsars."
Pablo M. Saz Parkinson & Fermi LAT Collaboration.
"Neutron stars: history of the magnetic field decay."
A. P. Igoshev & A. F. Kholtygin.
"The POLARBEAR Experiment."
Z. Kermish et al.

Pulsar preprints for 28-10-2012

"Pulsar emission at the bottom end of the electromagnetic spectrum."
Vladislav Kondratiev & LOFAR Pulsar Working Group.
"New results from LOFAR."
Vladislav Kondratiev et al.
"Redshift drift in a pressure gradient cosmology."
Adam Balcerzak & Mariusz P. Dabrowski.

Pulsar preprints for 25-10-2012

Pulsar preprints for 24-10-2012


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