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The papers section provides a list of recent papers from astro-ph which match keywords for "Pulsar", "Neutron Star", "Magnetar" or "Gravitational Wave".

Pulsar preprints for 10-12-2017

Pulsar preprints for 07-12-2017

"MeV Pulsars: Modeling Spectra and Polarization."
Alice K. Harding & Constantinos Kalapotharakos.
"Merging Strangeon Stars."
X. Y. Lai et al.

Pulsar preprints for 06-12-2017

Pulsar preprints for 03-12-2017

"News on the X-ray emission from hot subdwarf stars."
N. La Palombara & S. Mereghetti.
"On the Progenitor of Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817."
The LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al.

Pulsar preprints for 30-11-2017

"Rotating Stars in Relativity."
Vasileios Paschalidis & Nikolaos Stergioulas.
"Systematic study of magnetar outbursts."
Francesco Coti Zelati et al.

Pulsar preprints for 29-11-2017

Pulsar preprints for 28-11-2017

"Non-Abelian $S$-term dark energy and inflation."
Yeinzon Rodriguez & Andres A. Navarro.

Pulsar preprints for 19-11-2017

"Reaction rates and transport in neutron stars."
Andreas Schmitt & Peter Shternin.
"Vainshtein mechanism after GW170817."
Marco Crisostomi & Kazuya Koyama.
"Merging Strangeon Stars."
X. Y. Lai et al.

Pulsar preprints for 16-11-2017


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