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Instructions for Submission of Proceedings

Dear colleague,

After celebrating 50 years of pulsars in Jodrell Bank, it is now time to capture the exciting results presented during the symposium in conference proceedings. The proceedings for “Pulsar Astrophysics – The Next 50 Years” will be published by Cambridge University Press. Electronic access to the proceedings is included in the conference fee, and it becomes public 18 months after publication. We can buy hard copies in bulk. If you wish to do so, please contact the LOC as soon as possible (

Please write your contribution using the LaTeX style files provided below (template.tar.gz or Please use EPS files for figures in the same way this is done in the template. Please use the reference abbreviations as can be found in the template and in the appendix below. The template should result in a document identical to the pdf file provided in the compressed archive file.

By default colour figures only appear in colour in the online version. Figures can be reproduced in colour in the hard copy, although for a considerable cost. If you wish to cover these costs, please contact us as soon as possible. If not, you should not refer to colours in the text or captions, and make sure that all figures are clearly understandable also when printed in black-and-white.

Please do not exceed the following page limits:

Invited talks (30 min. slots) 6 page maximum
Contributed talks (15 min. slots) 4 page maximum
Posters 2 page maximum

The deadline for submission of your proceedings will be Sunday 22 October 2017.

We will be using an online submission system to collect all submissions to the Proceedings volume. You should register to use this online submission system, found at All contributions must be submitted via this online site, and authors should take care to submit their contribution to the correct Symposium number (337 to be selected by the author from a dropdown menu on submission).

You are required to complete a Copyright Form to allow publication, either a) online or b) on paper:

a) Complete and submit the online form at

b) Alternatively, download and print out the IAU Copyright Form at and send the completed form to the IAU Secretariat. The form can be posted by airmail, or faxed to +33 (0)1 43 25 26 16

You are permitted (subject to conditions) to post the final published article immediately on your personal or departmental website, and to post the submitted version of the article immediately on ArXiV or in your institutional repository.

More information about the publication of your proceedings can be found on the website of the publisher:

With best regards,
the editorial team

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Example conference paper:

\bibitem[Herrero (2003)]{Herrero03}
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