Request for Support

This conference is supported by the IAU and we are also seeking other sponsorship that will
enable us to support qualified scientists who wish to attend this meeting and have only limited
means of their own. We outline the eligibility conditions and guidelines below which should be
considered before applications are made for support.

The deadline for financial support requests has now passed (15th of April 2017).

General Conditions and Procedures

Any grants given will be awarded based on the following conditions and evaluation procedures:

  • The applicant shall be the first and presenting author of an accepted presentation or poster.
  • The SOC will evaluate all requests for financial support strictly following IAU and any other sponsors regulations.
  • All eligible abstracts will also be evaluated based on the following criteria:
Criteria Weight
How well does the talk/poster contribute to the overall meeting? 40%
Is the abstract clearly structured and written and scientifically sound? 30%
Are there conclusions and are they supported by data or analysis? 30%

Decisions will be communicated to the applicant before July 2017.

The successful applicant must have registered (including submission of
abstract for a poster or talk) by 15th April and indicated that they require funding.

Application Guidelines

As funding is limited please apply only if you have partial or no other source of funding
for the conference. To apply, please do so when you submit your abstract.

During the Abstract submission process, fill in the “Job Title” field: e.g. PhD, Post-doc, Prof., researcher, etc. This field is required to apply for a grant. Check the corresponding option and provide complementary information accordingly:

Category 1: Early Career Scientists (ECS), in accordance to the definition provided by EGU, who are working in low income, lower-middle-income or upper-middle income economies in accordance to the definition provided by the World Bank.

Category 2: Researchers other than ECS, who work in low income, lower-middle-income or upper-middle income economies in accordance to the definition provided by the World Bank.

Category 3: Current PhD students or researchers who completed their PhD in the last 2 years since 1 January 2015 and who work in high income countries.

Category 4: Participants with childcare needs for child(ren) who are young and/or require special care, and/or participant with special or additional circumstances (other than those in Category 1-3).

Please estimate the total grant amount to be requested in Euros. For guidance, a grant may include one or more of the following types of support:

Support type Typical request amount
Registration fee 300 pounds
Accommodation support 250 pounds
Subsistence 150 pounds
Travel grant – indicative level of support to help cover travel expenses (including visa costs)* up to 600 pounds
Childcare support – indicative level of 40 pounds per day per child including meal 200 pounds

We request that funds are requested for at most 2 categories and if 2 are requested
that they are prioritised.

Only the granted amount mentioned in the final financial support email will be paid out to the supported contact author. The grantee will need to supply original invoices or receipts.

For more information visit the Grants for IAU Symposia and Regional IAU Meetings page at the IAU site.

The deadline for financial support requests has now passed.