Invited Speakers

Confirmed invited speakers so far:
Name Topic
Jocelyn Bell Burnell Historical: The discovery of pulsars
Dipankar Bhattacharya Historical: The first binary pulsars and what they told us about binary star evolution
Jim Cordes Historical: Magnetoionic Properties of the ISM
Alice Harding Historical: Emission Physics
Wim Hermsen Historical: The first multi-wavelength pulsars
Dick Manchester Historical: The first glitches and what they told us about neutron stars
Joanna Rankin Historical: The first single pulse studies
Roger Romani Historical/General: From GWs to black widows and PWNe
Joe Taylor  Historical: Gravity tests with pulsars
Francesca D’Antona General: Neutron Star Binaries
Matthew Bailes General: The future of pulsar research and facilities
Elizabeth Ferrara General: The multi-wavelength view of pulsars
Bryn Haskell General: Glitches/NS Masses and EOS
Vicky Kaspi General: N. S. Zoo
Michael Kramer General: Gravity tests with pulsars
K J Lee General: Gravitational Wave science with pulsar timing arrays
Roberta Zanin General: Multimessenger (PWN/SNR/etc..)